Pop-Up Choristers

Interested in singing in a Cathedral Choir on a once a month part-time basis?

Perfect for choristers who:

love to sing and enjoy the genre of mostly classical Church music in the Anglican cathedral tradition – (think Kings College, Westminster Abbey, and so on!)

– need a little bit more time to learn their parts compared to the workload of the Full Time Cathedral Choristers – we will have a month to learn everything

– may already be committed at their own church on a weekly basis, but would love to sing in a historic and beautiful Cathedral with fabulous organ and fellow choristers on the first Sunday of every month, for a 5pm Choral Evensong service


When and where? I’m keen!

The best thing to do as a first step is to email the director of Music who will put you on a mailing list with all the information you will need to participate (rehearsal times and dates and places, plus a copy of the music we will be singing prior.)

Next, there are two answers! The first pertains to our weekly 10am Choral Eucharist, and the second for our monthly Choral evensong.

10am Popup Choristers

For the 10am service each Sunday, we rehearse in Goulburn in the Parish office behind the hall from 7.30 until 9pm on Wednesday nights.
We then arrive at the Cathedral on that Sunday at 9am (if you don’t yet have a robe) or 9.10am if you do, and get in your robe, before proceeding to the Cathedral at 9.20am sharp to run through the hymns, psalm, and anthem of that week.

I am happy for choristers either to sing with us at 10am on a pop-up basis provided they make contact with the Director of Music first so we can organise what you will need.

At 10am, we also sing the Eucharist (currently the Peter Jewkes setting). It is easy, unison, and you will pick it up fast. Plus, the other choristers and the congregation know it, so just sing along as best you can.

10am Popup Monthly Evensong Choristers

For popup choristers that want to sing in our monthly Choral Evensong on the first Sunday of every month at 5pm, if you are a good sight-reader or confident to teach yourself, you can download the repertoire from the Evensong page. Scores will be ready the Wednesday prior to the first Sunday of the month, and possibly earlier.

If you need or would like a rehearsal, there are two options. One – you can come to rehearsal at Goulburn on Wednesday night at 7pm. Two – I will probably run an extra rehearsal in Bundanoon for choristers living in the Southern Highlands on the Monday night before each Evensong between 6 and 7pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church at 15 Church St.

Can’t make either of those? Don’t worry, we will have an additional rehearsal on the day. Arrive at 3.30pm for robing in the Parish office. Once everyone is robed, we will proceed to the Cathedral for rehearsal at 4pm sharp. You can leave your belongings either in the Parish office which will be locked, or in the choir stalls.

Afterwards, it is optional, but please join us for a ‘cheap and cheerful’ dinner in Goulburn (at own expense).

Do I have to be an Anglican?

No, choristers of all Christian denominations would be very welcome. Catholics, Presbyterian, Methodist, Uniting, and other faiths should feel very comfortable. Everybody is welcome, no matter their faith. We would only ask that you act respectfully.

I haven’t been inside a church for a long time and am not sure what to do!

That’s okay, we will rehearse everything – including where to stand. There is no communion service in the Evensong services we will be singing at. The Evensong service consists of prayers, a psalm, readings, hymns, and an order of service with spoken or sung responses, parts of which are intoned in the plainsong style by the Celebrant.
All spoken responses are clearly marked in the order of service, and all sung responses will be rehearsed. Most of our set sung responses are easy enough for the congregation to join in (simple tunes and harmonies). It maybe permitted for you to just to join in in the numbers you feel confident in (please discuss this with the Director of Music) – although we would much prefer if you give it a go and sing everything as one choir!

I would love to join but even once a month might be difficult for me sometimes.

We would be happy to have you on a month by month basis. All we ask is that if you are able to perform in the upcoming month’s performance that you intend to be a part of. It would also be great if you could keep coming to rehearsals even if you are unable to make a particular Evensong. This is so that over time, the choir can build up a repertoire that everyone knows, and we can combine works and (eventually) also put on concerts, plus record our works for a CD.

How many works do we need to learn each month?

Each month we will learn 3 or 4 hymns, ideally in harmony and sometimes with ‘last verse unison’ and Sopranos singing a descant; 1 psalm (chanted and ‘pointed’ in harmony), and a setting of either the Magnificat or the Nunc Dimittis, or both (this depends on the choir’s ability. At the least, both the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis will be sung/chanted like the psalms.)

Do you have any examples of the type of music we will be singing?


Sumsion in A – setting of the Magnificat

Sumsion in A – setting of the Nunc Dimittis

Magnificat in C minor (Dyson) – in unison!

Psalms pointed/chanted in the Anglican tradition

Psalms pointed/chanted in the Anglican tradition


The Lord Bless you and Keep you

Panis Angelicus (Cesar Franck)

Jesu, Meine Freude (J.S. Bach)

Teach me, O Lord (Attwood)

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Hymn with last verse unison and Soprano descant

Praise my Soul, the King of Heaven

Singing in the Goulburn Cathedral Evensong Choir could be the answer!

Every month we will learn 4 hymns, a psalm (sung in the Anglican tradition) and a setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis which we will perform at the Cathedral’s 5pm monthly choral evensong.