Music for Synod Oct 6th 2017

Hi All!
Here is the music we are doing for Synod.
Firstly, the two anthems which the choir will be performing.

Next – the hymns.
I am not too concerned about the hymns as the congregation will be singing them (and there are going to be a lot of people) and thus our harmonies will be kind of drowned out anyway so I would be happy with strong unison. Also most hymns are popular ones that people may know. Without further ado, here they all are:
This is the opening hymn that we will sing while we are processing in!!! ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

The Gradual (second) hymn is ‘We have a Gospel To Proclaim’:

The Offertory (third) hymn is ‘Here I am, Lord’:

The Final hymn is’Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer’:

Also, we sing Psalm 29 to the tune of a chant I wrote. This will be something we can rehearse the next two Wednesdays.
Here is the chant (sung to ‘la’) – if you just get familiar with it, for the time being, we will run it with the words at practice.

Lastly! We are singing a setting of the Mass (‘Festive Mass’ by Matthias). It is a bunch of short-ish pieces (the Gloria, Sanctus, and so on). It is fairly easy to learn with simple unison sections interspersed with slightly more complex choir sections. If necessary the Goulburn choir can sing the ‘choir’ bits and the pop up choristers can sit out of those and simply sing the Unison/Congregation parts, but ideally we can all learn the choir bits too. I don’t think it’s going to be too hard! I will make learner parts for it this week and have them available for everyone ASAP. Yay! We got this!

For those who are interested here is an order of Service for Synod. It is 20 pages and if you don’t want to print, I will have copies for everyone on Wednesday, plus copies of the Matthias and the Psalm which we will run.