Children’s Choir

Goulburn Cathedral Children’s Choir

The Very Rev'd Phillip Saunders and Director of Music Goulburn Cathedral St Saviours Barbara GriffinThe The Very Rev’d Phillip Saunders at St Saviours Goulburn Cathedral and the Director of Music Barbara Griffin are pleased to announce that a new children’s choir is starting up at the Cathedral and would like to welcome you and your child/children.


– Rehearse weekly learning a repertoire of mostly sacred music (Carols, anthems, hymns etc) suitable for performance in the Cathedral, with view to performing as part of our Advent and Christmas Carols services, and possible also other occasions throughout the year

– A few secular pop songs now and then for fun, that the kids will love. These will have nice lyrics, good message/values etc

– Great musical training for your child!

– Lots of fun!

– Be moved to tears as you hear what the kids will be able to do!

Cathedral Kids Childrens choir collage

When and Where:

GOULBURN: Tuesday September 19th, 5pm until 6pm, then every Tuesday!
In the Parish Office, (behind St Saviour’s Cathedral Hall) 170 Bourke St, Goulburn
BUNDANOON: Monday 28 August 6pm until 7, then every Monday!
Holy Trinity Hall, 15 Church St, Bundanoon (beside the carpark next to the Sandstone church opposite the school)

Save The Dates:

Your child as a junior Cathedral chorister would be welcome to sing with the Cathedral choir on the following dates:
Synod Service (church will be full!) – Friday, October 6th, 6pm
Advent Lessons and Carols – Sunday, 3rd December, 6pm
Christmas 9 Lessons and Carols Service – Sunday, 17th December, 6pm

Full training/rehearsal on how to walk in, where to sit, etc will be given and a gorgeous red and white Choir Robe that your child will be proud to wear will be supplied to fit your child!

Does it Cost Money?

No! That said, the Cathedral always appreciates donations as it does cost money to run. If you do wish to donate to the Cathedral or be a patron of the Children’s Choir, information and how to do so will be provided for you at Choir practice.

Should I or can I attend the rehearsal with my child?

Absolutely! You may want to certainly on the first time, and after that, you don’t have to but it would be good if one or two or more parents would stay to assist or even just to be there in case of anything. Depending on numbers (currently unknown) the parish office should be a large enough for children and parents. It has a piano, bathroom, heating and seating for a dozen or more people. There are also a couple of chairs in the lobby which could also be a waiting area for parents. If we get too crowded we will look at an alternate venue (such as the hall below the Parish Office or even the Cathedral itself.)

Parents who sing themselves are also welcome to sing along to help the children learn the repertoire, and if so – if you would also (or later) like to be an adult chorister that would be perfect too! Just to let you know, Adult choir practice is the same night, from 7.15pm until about 8.30 or 8.45pm (so, time to drop the kids home and have a bite before coming back to sing with us!)


I am intending that the Children’s Choir will perform several times a year at Goulburn Cathedral (where I am Director of Music), mostly for the bigger services. Generally these will have time in between to rehearse up so it won’t be stressful for the children (I intend to make it fun and uplifting for them, an experience they can be proud to be a part of) and there will be a decent lead up of learning time. Also, I will customise the repertoire to suit the ability and voices that we have.

Sunday Services

Of course children are welcome to sing with the choir at our regular choral Eucharist at 10am on Sundays, or even from time to time (for example once a month), so please discuss with me if you or your child ‘want more’ and we can adjust the possibilities as we go along!

Synod Service, Goulburn Cathedral 6 October, 6pm

Synod is the first service I would love the kids to be part of, which is on October 6th, at 6pm (Additional rehearsals will be from approx. 4pm on the day in the Cathedral). The Cathedral will be full of clergy visiting from all over the Canberra/Goulburn diocese. It is the equivalent of the annual church ‘government’ meeting and this service kicks off the weekend. I played at it last year and it was beautiful. Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend, so save the date!


Choir Robes for your child will be supplied, as well as all music and folders. The robes are unisex and floor length, with an underneath cassock (like a dressing gown kind of thing) with a white surplice over the top. They suit all physiques and we can adjust the length to suit your child.
They should be worn with black shoes ideally but if your child doesn’t have any it’s not a dealbreaker (or we can put black socks over the top, true story, have done it myself!)

There is plenty of time to sort out the robes between now and October 6th in any case.

Also Save The Date:

Our Advent Service will be on December 3rd at 6pm, and I would love the Children’s choir to be a part of that.

Our Christmas Carols service will be on the 17th December at 6pm. Likewise I would love the Children’s choir to be a part of that.

Community and other Performance opportunities:

As we go along, there will also no doubt be opportunities to perform at community and other events as they come up. If we get enough repertoire together in time we can do our own concert!

PS – I have Working With Children (WWC0930355V) and current Safe Ministry Training.

Adult Volunteers

It would be great if one or two parents or adult choristers would like to attend to help the kids particularly when they split into parts, wrangle things in general, and/or sing the adult chorister parts so the kids can imagine what it will sound like when we add the adults in ‘on the gig’! Let me know if you can help or just turn up!

Age Range

Kids from primary to college will be welcome. If voices are broken boys can sing adult/lower parts (I can help, all will be catered for!)


There will be opportunity for certain children to have a shot at a solo, even if this is a line or two and they are divided up. I never force any child to sing solo, as some are dying to and some would rather not, but for the ones that are keen, there will be a chance to shine!
Sometimes I might team up two or three children to do a ‘solo moment together’ . As a general rule I get all children to learn all parts and don’t start trying out solo lines until later in the process when all children are familiar with the repertoire.

Repertoire and Sheet Music:

The Cathedral will supply all sheet music but it would be good to get an idea of numbers as an expression of interest (email me!) – also for any other questions you might have – so I can print out the correct number of copies.

First rehearsal we will try this gorgeous pop song by Frances

We will also start work on this lovely Rutter anthem. ‘On the gig’ (at the Synod service at the Cathedral) flautist Edwina Carter will play flute with us plus our Bundanoon Cathedral choristers will be joining us, as well as the adult choristers and possibly guest choristers from further afield.

We will also start learning a Christmas Carol or two as well (already) for good measure!